Retainers and Support Services

Retainers are performed as a monthly service on existing installations and are based on a per server model, the services include Monitoring, Updates, Reporting and Support.  Customers can choose response time required together with service hours.


A monitoring agent is installed on each system the following elements are monitored and thresholds are.  When a threshold is reached an alert is mailed out.

  • CPU Load and Usage
  • Memory load and Usage on the server
  • Disk Usage
  • Networking Usage
  • Application uptime (Example Website up / down, Zimbra queue length)
  • User and Processes
  • TCP/IP packets



  • The updates are vendor supplied, customers are responsible to have the correct subscriptions in place.
  • The systems are manually updated in a phased fashion e.g. Development, test, standby and production environments as per the customer's policies.



  • Monthly reports are provided showing all monitoring elements in the form of trending graphs.
  • Updates available and / or applied are shown.
  • Vendor updates are also provided, making customers aware of new products,services and offerings.
  • Service details, support and escalation procedures are also documented.



  • Unlimited telephonic, remote and on-site support is done on existing environments.






With Obsidian, you can ensure that your business will operate more incisively and benefit from superior Open Source Software solutions