Avance High Availability

No Downtime. No Data Loss. No Business interruption. Simply, peace of mind designed for small to mid-sized (SMB) organizations.

Stratus Avance® high availability software is the answer for small and medium businesses (SMB), requiring the most reliable and affordable solution for keeping critical applications up and running. Unlike traditional high-availability (HA) clusters, Avance delivers far superior and more reliable uptime without the cost and complexity of clusters.

  • Minimizes downtime and keeps applications running
  • Improves the reliability of your infrastructure
  • Reduces purchase and maintenance cost

Prevents Downtime Resulting from Hardware and Host Software Failures
You can't do business if your core applications are down. Traditional HA solutions focus on merely reacting to outages. Avance software works in advance to detect and prevent outages. Even when the hardware fails, the Avance real-time dual-server architecture ensures that applications operate uninterrupted — with no data loss.

Superior System Reliability for Your Infrastructure
Human error is the most common cause of downtime, decreasing the reliability of your infrastructure especially in small and mid-size firms where IT resources are limited. Avance software automatically sets up and manages itself — greatly reducing the opportunity for human error and thereby improving the uptime and reliability of your infrastructure.

The Most Affordable Way to Prevent Downtime
Stratus Avance software fits easily into tight IT budgets and your existing IT infrastructure. It runs on industry-standard Windows and Linux servers to prevent unpredictable system failover. And, unlike traditional HA clusters,  Avance doesn’t require external shared storage to work, leaving that choice to you.