EnterpriseDB products are based upon PostgreSQL, the worlds most advanced and only truly open source database capable of handling high transaction and heavy reporting load applications.

Choose the product best suited to your needs from basic support on PostgreSQL to Premium support on Advanced Server packed with features and tools not available with basic support. 

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Postgres Plus Standard Server

Postgres Plus Standard Server improves upon PostgreSQL with pre-installed enterprise modules for connection pooling, replication, memory caching, spatial data support, job scheduling for administrators, install time tuning, Update Monitor for keeping installation code up to date, and client connectors for Java, .NET, and ODBC for developers. Standard Server also includes additional testing and modules for security (SQL/Protect), Oracle Replication (xDB Replication Server), and server side code obfuscation (PL/Secure).



Postgres Plus Advanced Server

Postgres Plus Advanced Server improves upon Standard Server by adding InfiniteCache for lightning fast big-data databases in memory, Oracle data and application compatibility, Query Optimizer Hints, Dynamic Runtime Instrumentation for tuning, high performance data loader, Migration Studio, Audit Logging, and much more. 



PostgreSQL Server

The PostgreSQL One-Click Installer is created by EnterpriseDB as a freely downloadable graphical installer of the latest GA code from PostgreSQL.org. You get the core PostgreSQL engine, pgAdmin for DBAs, the PL/pgSQL debugger for application developers, support for over 12 programming languages, and StackBuilder for adding other PostgreSQL compatible modules and applications.