HylaFAX Enterprise Edition

HylaFAX Enterprise Edition builds upon the mature Open Source platform of HylaFAX by adding the features most commonly requested by our enterprise customers: support for high-performance fax boards such as the Brooktrout TR1034, support for FoIP and VMware via Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 fax software, comprehensive SQL database support, performance improvements for ultra high-throughput applications such as broadcast faxing, and the ability to decode bar codes from received faxes. It is a powerful client-server based solution that streamlines your critical business processes, whether you need to automate your own infrastructure or provide fax broadcasting or application fax hosting services to your clients.

HylaFAX Enterprise Edition runs on Linux RHEL | CentOS | Oracle Unbreakable Linux operating systems, which offer superior performance, reliability, scalability and disaster recovery. A large number of tunable server and modem parameters let you customize your installation. It is also easily scripted: users can be alerted by email or pager when new faxes arrive, faxes can be logged, stored in the database, converted to PDF, copied to a shared file system, printed to a laser printer, acknowledged with a fax-back, or any combination of these actions.

At the core of HylaFAX Enterprise Edition is a powerful yet flexible job-scheduling algorithm that can be configured to meet your company's needs and a state of the art fax engine that supports all of the latest developments in fax technology: V.34 high-speed faxing, super and hyperfine resolutions, ECM error correction, T.38 "fax over IP" and more.

Additional Features

Fax over API

Fax over IP / T.38
Next generation Fax Over IP technology for today's converged voice/data networks.

Cluster Clustering and High Availability
Data loss leads to business loss. Enable your fax services for high availability and redundancy.

Reduce hardware and software costs by incorporating fax into your virtualized environment

Desktop, Email Desktop, Email, & Web Faxing
Bring faxing to the commonly used user applications - Email, Print-to-Fax, or web interface.
Dialogic Brooktrout

Dialogic Brooktrout Fax Support
Mission critical faxing requires the leading fax technology. HylaFAX Enterprise includes support for Brooktrout fax boards.

SAP SAP Connector
Connect your SAP to your HylaFAX Enterprise server and automate company fax activities with HylaSAP.
API Connectors API Connectors / SDK
Connectors and SDK’s allow HylaFAX integration for your applications on leading platforms. Lean more...
Barcode Barcode and Advanced Routing
Route and deliver important documents automatically through barcode recognition.
SQL SQL Back-end
Comprehensive SQL database back-end offers powerful integration and reporting capabilities.
Installation Simple Installation and Setup
The fastest installation of HylaFAX! Available in rpm or ISO installation formats to get your server up and running fast!