Postgres Plus Advanced Server

Postgres Plus Advanced Server offers enterprise features not available in the community edition of PostgreSQL. If you are looking for the absolute best in Security, Development, Ease of Use, Performance, Scalability, or Compatibility, with a TCO for any budget, and backed by world wide world class support, then you need Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server v9.1 Now Available!

According to Forrester Research, 80% of database administrators and developers only use 20% of a database's feature set. Why pay for something you're not using? With Postgres Plus Advanced Server, you can have almost every feature that the proprietary databases offer, but only pay a fraction of the cost.

Advanced Server has a proven track record supporting tough transactional systems supporting thousands of users world wide and round the clock.

Build upon a rock solid foundation, scalability and availability needs are addressed with multiple replication solutions. Hot Standby support, clustering tools, and bundled failover and connection pooling.

The Smart choice for today's developer.

Advanced Server is better than any other open source based database at making coding easier and faster with: ANSI Standard SQL, features like hierarchical queries and analytic functions, support for more than 9 development languages with server side debugging, strong IDE support and great GUI tools.

Better Protection for your critical data

IT managers can rest assured that Advanced Server delivers security on par with any modern database with ANSI SQL GRANT and REVOKE, external authentication using LDAP, PAM or Kerberos, Group/Role support, granular object permissions, built‐in security auditing, and protection against SQL injection attacks with SQL/Protect.

Faster, more available, easier to manage.

The latest release of Advanced Server adds the following features to improve performance and data availability:

  • Streaming Binary Replication
  • Hot Standby
  • Bundled Connection Pooling
  • Dynamic InfiniteCache management
  • NOTIFY communications with payloads
  • Column Triggers
  • Deferred and Exclusion Constraints
  • Procedural Language Code Profiler
  • Anonymous code blocks

Database Administrators will also appreciate these time saving and security critical features:  

  • Bulk data load parallel processing  
  • Fast in‐place version upgrades
  • Index Advisor  ; RADIUS authentication support  
  • No‐bloat index maintenance  
  • Grant/Revoke permissions en‐masse  
  • Enhanced data type support
  • EXPLAIN output in JSON/XML/YAML  
  • Bi‐directional PostgreSQL replication

More compatbility means more flexibility

Advanced Server is built on the standards compliant PostgreSQL and adds Oracle® compatibility, both helping you to avoid vendor lock-­‐in with choice in your database. New additions to our seventh generation of Oracle compatibility include:

  • Multiple bulk data load enhancements including: parallel direct path loads, remote file loads, date masking, and control file support
  • Support for Oracle native XMLTYPE 
  • Support for SYS_EXTRACT_UTC
  • Nested table constructor support
  • VARRAY collection support
  • LIMIT method for collections
  • DBMS_PROFILER support (PL/SQL Code  Profiler)
  • Nested table support enhancements
  • support for Oracle Pro*C applications