Postgres Plus Standard Server

Postgres Plus Standard Server is made for developers and smaller organizations in need of a robust relational database that is quick and easy to install, ready to handle a variety of transaction and reporting work profiles, and able to scale for large user and data loads.

Why Choose Standard Server?

Open Source Software

Open source Postgres Plus Standard Server is license fee free!  You pay only for services you choose, such as a Software Subscription with break/fix support, Administration Training, or services for special needs like Partitioning, High Availability, Monitoring Setup and many more.

Pre-Bundled Enterprise Modules

Standard Server delivers test certified PostgreSQL in a platform specific one-click binary installer making open source software acquisition, installation, and upgrades a simple and fast task. There are no time consuming downloads, build environments, compiling, testing and configuring to worry about.

Installation Tuning

Two install time questions for hardware utilization and application profile pre-tune your installation out-of- the-box for a worry free setup that will last.

Certification Testing

Each platform build is tested by the EnterpriseDB Quality Management Group for installation and operational integrity. And StackBuilder Plus modules are tested for cross module dependencies.

Key Database Features

  • Linux 32 and 64 / Windows support
  • Full ACID compliance
  • ANSI SQL and constraints support
  • MVCC (Multi-Version Concurrency Control)
  • User Defined Data Types and Views
  • SQL / XML support
  • Primary and Foreign keys (with constraints)
  • Inheritance
  • Rules Engine (Query Re-write)
  • Rich indexing options
  • Data and index partitioning
  • Database Links
  • Function based Indexes
  • Full Text Search
  • Advanced encryption
  • SSL, LDAP Security Authentication
  • Parallel Restore & Point-In-Time Recovery
  • MySQL Database Migration
  • Visual development and test tools
  • Triggers and stored procedures
  • Nested transactions and two phase commit
  • Windowing aggregate functions
  • Much much more!