PostgreSQL Server

PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source database

For years PostgreSQL has been recognized for its transaction processing capabilities and performance across a wide array of query intensive and mixed load applications. In development for over 20 years, PostgreSQL has all the features you would expect of a mature world class database including: full ACID compliance and relational integrity, MVCC, XML support,PITR, triggers, stored procedures, support for multiple procedural languages and much more. 

A Vibrant Open Source Community

PostgreSQL is one of the largest and most mature open source projects today. The project maintains over a dozen mailing lists, as well as several user groups, an active IRC community, and international sites in multiple languages. The active community has not only produced an outstanding database, but is also known for having some of the best open source documentation available today as well as a vibrant ecosystem of support and service companies that includes EnterpriseDB.

EnterpriseDB and the PostgreSQL Community

EnterpriseDB contributes in many ways to the Postgres community. We are the single largest contributor to the PostgreSQL project and employ key people who provide not only contributions to the code base but critical leadership for product direction as well.