Red Hat Training & Certification

Red Hat Training has offered Linux system administration courses and certifications for over a decade. With the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, we will continue to offer a job-relevant, hands-on training curriculum; a robust, performance-based certification program; and a consistent training experience worldwide. That means listening to our customers, listening to the market, and taking into account developments in the job roles and backgrounds of those administering and working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux today. With that feedback in mind, we have made three important changes to our Linux system administrator and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) curriculums.

Job role based curriculum paths

Over the past ten years, the IT infrastructure landscape has changed dramatically. Linux deployments in enterprise IT environments have increased dramatically. Job roles are more fluid, and system administrators need skills across multiple platforms to keep today's complex datacenters running. There's a wide range of IT professionals coming to Red Hat training, including Windows, network, and Solaris admins, in addition to a continuum of junior, mid-level, and senior Linux administrators. As a result, Red Hat Training has realigned and updated its curriculum to offer training paths that are relevant to diverse customer job profiles, backgrounds, and skill set goals.

New job-role based curriculum paths

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) replaces RHCT Red Hat certifications are demanding and require the ability to apply practical system administration skills relevant to the workplace in a time-critical environment. Our core system administration credential up until this point, Red Hat Certified Technician, has been re-named Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) to more closely align with the Linux administrator job role that is common in IT organizations around the world.

Students who successfully complete the RHCSA exam are able to handle the most frequent and critical tasks required of Linux system administrators. Red Hat is introducing two curriculum tracks aligned to the RHCSA credential. Red Hat System Administration I and II is a two-course track that is best for IT professionals who do not have extensive Linux command line experience. Practicing Linux admins with at least one year of experience may be candidates for the accelerated RHCSA Fast Track course. The RHCSA is a distinct and separate exam from the Red Hat Certified Engineer accreditation. Red Hat Certified Engineers typically handle tasks that are the responsibility of senior Linux system administrators including automation, security and network services administration.

Please note: RHCTs who earned their credentials on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 will automatically attain RHCSA certification. Individuals who earned the credential on all previous releases will remain RHCTs and are encouraged to update their skills and validate their knowledge with the RHCSA exam. Because RHCSA is replacing RHCT, no additional RHCT exams will be offered going forward.

Learn more about RHCSA and RHCE and your options for keeping your certifications and skill sets current.

New delivery approach I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. - Chinese Proverb Red Hat Training has always placed a focus on practical, relevant, hands-on labs for students to practice skills and tasks in our courses. Our new courses take a facilitative approach to learning by engaging the student actively in the learning process. Less lecture and more participation equals better understanding and retention. The benefits of this improved approach include:

  • Improved knowledge retention

  • A more engaging experience

  • An interactive student workbook with checklists for common Linux administration tasks, which acts as a reference job aid when back in the workplace