Ubuntu as Operating System for your Desktop Computer

Ubuntu is used as a desktop operating system by thousands of businesses on millions of desktops around the world.

Looking to escape the cycle of endless Windows upgrades? Now, there's a real alternative. No licence fees. No subscription costs. With Ubuntu, you can scale your desktop infrastructure without scaling the expense.

And Ubuntu is naturally free of viruses, so there's no need for expensive anti-virus software, and you can save on all the costs of maintenance associated with malware on Windows.

Business as usual

Fast, easy and quick to deploy, switching to Ubuntu has never been easier

Ubuntu is so easy that users can complete their day-to-day office tasks quickly and efficiently. IT departments also benefit from seamless installation, simple remote management, virus-free computing and 24x7 support from Canonical.

Windows and Ubuntu: Happy together

Run Ubuntu alongside your existing Windows systems

Exchange files with Windows users and organisations

Make the switch!

Obsidian can help you prioritise the areas of your business that will benefit the most, so you can see a faster return on your investment.

Ubuntu is backed by Obsidian, the number-one Ubuntu services provider in Africa. Our support programme is helping businesses all over the continent to optimise resources with Ubuntu.