Ubuntu as Operating System for your Server

Secure, fast and powerful, we will help you make the most of your Ubuntu Server infrastructure. Whether you want to deploy a web farm or deploy a cloud, Ubuntu Server supports the most popular hardware and software.

  Server Models Architecture


lenovo ubuntu server models lenovo server architecture


IBM ubuntu server models ibm server architecture


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HP ubuntu server models HP server architecture


VMware ubuntu server vmware server architecture


DELL ubuntu server models dell server architecture

Integrate with your existing systems

Ubuntu Server Edition fits easily into your existing client and server architecture, integrating with commonly-used tools for authentication and service access. We understand the importance of technologies that you can easily integrate, which is why we spend a lot of time making sure Ubuntu blends easily with your infrastructure.

Virtualisation made easy

Ubuntu Server Edition is an extremely popular platform for virtualising data centres. Ubuntu Server provides KVM as the core option for both host and guest virtualisation. A wide variety of open-source and proprietary technologies are also used in conjunction with Ubuntu Server.

Cloud computing

Ubuntu Server Edition provides everything you need to build your infrastructure on the leading public cloud (Amazon EC2) or your own private cloud. You can use the same images and tools to control them both. Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud brings you the elasticity and immediacy of cloud computing from behind the security of your firewall and it makes it easy to migrate between public and private clouds.

Built-in security

Ubuntu Server Edition is secure to the core, built on the renowned security of the Debian operating system. Ubuntu’s security team works closely with their Debian and Linux counterparts to make sure that any vulnerabilities that emerge are recognised and dealt with swiftly. Ubuntu’s free and fair ethos means that patches are made available to all users, not just enterprise clients or subscribers.

Easy administration

Ubuntu Server is designed to make systems administration easy and efficient. At the heart of Ubuntu Server is Debian, the Linux distribution famous for being written by systems administrators for systems administrators. So many of the routine tasks that consume a great deal of a systems administrator’s time are simplified and automated.

Features and Benefits of Ubuntu server edition


Kernel Uses a specifically-tuned kernel to optimise your hardware and to handle all the most common server workloads. Also tuned specifically for virtualisation where Ubuntu operates as an excellent hypervisor.

Mail server

Mail server Completes services, whether acting as a connector to the Internet with Postfix, or as central storage for users to access their email with Dovecot. Also includes the installation and configuration of anti-spam and anti-virus checkers.

File-and-print server

File-and-print server Makes sharing files across multiple systems with Samba easy. CUPS shares printers across networks and minimises printer- recognition issues.

Web application server

Web application server Serves dynamic web pages using your favourite tools including Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Apache, MySQL or PostgreSQL.


Offers great security for your business with its easy-to-administer, but fine-grained security procedures. From kernel hardening to access control and five years of updates, Ubuntu Server will pass any security audit.

Authentication integration 

Ubuntu integrates easily with Windows, MacOSX, Unix and Linux. Also comes with Likewise Open and LDAP connectors to easily integrate with your current user management system, allowing seamless client authentication.

Automated deployment

Includes network and CD deployment, unattended installation, controlled installation, pre and post-installation scripting, automated updates and Landscape (Ubuntu systems management) integration.


Cloud and virtualisation guest

Cloud and virtualisation guest operating system Ubuntu is one of the most popular guest operating systems for virtualisation and cloud computing. Its lean, minimal install and specialised kernel provide just enough so that you have the best performances with a low footprint.

Network infrastructure and backup 

Serves dynamic web pages using your favourite tools including Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Apache, MySQL or PostgreSQL.


The combination of KVM and Libvirt provides an acclaimed solution for most of your virtualisation needs. From live migration to memory aggregation, the kernel virtualisation module is ready to consolidate your workloads.

Cloud infrastructure 

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, powered by Eucalyptus, is the only open-source cloud infrastructure solution that comes as an easy-to- deploy solution bundled with an operating system. Reclaim your workloads, centralise your capacity, rationalise your cost and simplify your server provisioning process using an Amazon EC2-compatible API on your own hardware.