Zimbra Collaboration Server Open Source Edition

Email and collaboration essentials for smaller organizations

Zimbra Collaboration Server is the most capable open source email and collaboration suite available today. Far outstripping what is possible with simple open source mail servers, Zimbra provides organizations major productivity boosts with global address lists, shared calendars and document management on the web or offline with Zimbra Desktop. Support for standard protocols enables use of virtually any desktop client or device for added end user flexibility.

Installation and administration is straightforward; all the interdependent components required by Zimbra are packaged within the server, eliminating any integration work by the administrator and management of the system is easily performed using the rich AJAX Admin Console. A vibrant community of IT experts, who are capable of handling most technical questions, supports Zimbra Collaboration Server Open Source Edition.

The commercial version for Zimbra Collaboration Server is free to try and can always be reverted back to open source.

Zimbra Collaboration Server Open Source Edition features

Rich Email

Tagging, Conversation Views and Fast Search make email manageable again.

Contact Management

Personal and global address lists that can be shared across the entire organization. Group Calendars

Personal and group calendars with global free-busy times and Microsoft Exchange interoperability.

Sharing & Document Management

Easily share files and folders throughout the organization and manage workflow in email.

Essential Mobility

Use IMAP email and mobile web browser for any device .

Desktop Standards

POP/IMAP email on any client like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or maximize productivity with Zimbra Desktop.

Powerful Administration

AJAX web interface and command line tools for user and server administration .